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Dear momma,happy Women's day!may you happiness always!

i firmly believe that knowledge to change the fate of efforts to change the result, so i work every day. i am confident that i will succeed, because i do not give a statement. us, fighting for their own ideals. we are, in order to work towards the

I love life,full of passion.My character is out-going ,cooperative and having a good sense of responsibility.During the five years in my school,under the strict teaching of my

Never be upset, just believe that you will make it,and she will accept me gradually

我做了一个实验,比较了谷歌,百度,有道三家翻译:翻译下面这句话:井蛙不可以语于海者,拘于虚也;夏虫不可以语于冰者,笃于时也;曲士不可以语于道者,束于教也 这是谷歌翻译:Well frogs can't speak to the sea, but they are also

Detailed questions:Introduces citrate indirect and direct esterification of esterification synthesis methods are reviewed, focusing on citrate plasticizer, food additive, in design, the cosmetics to add grant washing thorns, and the thorns, etc. Also



I never ever hate you or blame you,I only want you tell you solftly :,Darling, please allow me to call you this,buti still love you !

高分求翻译,很简单的句子就行? 我要提问 高分求翻译,很简单的句子就行,百度hi我.,在线 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: 在百度里如何翻译? 答: 英汉互译词典百度还有线上英汉互译词典?

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