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A:Hello,B.Long time no see.How are you?你好,B.长时间不见了.你怎么样? B:I am fine,thank you,and you?我很好,谢谢.你呢? A:I am fine,too.我也很好. B:Where have you been?I have not seen you for several days.这段时间你都到哪去

Marie: Mark, I'm going to Hongkong. Mark: is that right? Hongkong is a very beautiful place. Marie: do you think there is something fun in Hongkong? Mark: Disney in Hongkong is a wonderful place. Marie: Yes, I have heard of it. Mark: you can take

A:Good morning B(你同伴的名字).It's a nice day,a ha ?B:yeah.The sunshine is warm.But I've heard a piece of bad mews and now i feel very sad.A:what's wrong? B:It's my uncle.He is so young but.his he

A this is Mr Fu, is that air travle agency? B yes. anything i can help you? A Hnn, i'd like to go abroad for a vist, is there any sugguestion? B Well, we have several choicese for you, that is the 7-day-east asia plan, great europe travel and the mysterious

receptionist: hey, sir, how can i help you today?customer: hi. i just want to make a travel plan.receptionist: okay. please just hold for a second while i transfer your call to the planning department.customer: thank you.*after 5 second*person from


A:hello.B:hello.A:have you read the newspapers today?B:yeah,there is something attracting my attention.A:what do you mean by that?B:let me tell you,it's a piece of news about the Chang'e rocket.I read that four rocket arms support it in the launching

A pleasant dream June: Are you doing the football pools(赌注), Brian?Brian: Yes, I've nearly finished, June. I'm sure we will win something this week.June: You always say that, but we never win anything! What will you do if you win a lot of

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