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分数用英语怎么拼写% %.

简单的说,分子用基数词,分母用序数词,若分子大于一,分母用复数形式。 三分之一:one third 三分之二:two thirds 其他的一样的。 有什么疑问还可以问我,没的话请及时采纳。

{数} fraction; fractional number: mixed number; 带分数 complex fraction; 繁分数 improper fraction; 假分数 proper fraction 真分数 (表示成绩等的数字) mark; grade; point: He attained a good mark in the examination. 他在考试中得...

当分子是1时,分子用基数词,分母用序数词。例如:五分之一。 one fifth 当分子大于1是,分子用基数词,分母用序数词复数形式。 例如:五分之二 two fifths 他们中间可以加连字符,也可以不加

可以有以下说法: test score exam result examination performance grade 例句:1.His mother wishes he would stop crowing about his examination performance. 2.I get the tallest grade in our class.

分子:numerator;分母:denominator。 例句: Common fraction: a fraction having an integer as a numerator and an integer as a denominator. (分数:一个有整数分子和整数分母的分数。) And I've reversed the fraction here because of...

the band score 就可以了,例句: 为了平衡各次考试之间的难度水平,我们在不同的分数段间划分了明显的界线,因此,考生的分数确实反映出了相同的成绩结果。 In order to equate different test versions, the band score boundaries are set so...

my academic record my school record my records of studies my study record my academic performance my achievement my academic achievement my study achievement my study performance 任选,供参

成绩单 [词典] transcript; report; report card; [例句]我唯一一次引起他们注意是我把全优成绩单带回家的时候。 The only time I got their attention was when I brought home straight A's on my report card.


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