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How to Make Friends Everyone needs friends. A friend can give us help and share our difficulties and happiness. But how can we make friends? First, to make friends, you must be friendly to others. Smile at others and you are sure to get a smile in

1. From cultivating interest began, if you can, you and your child learn together.2. Encourage him more, he has some results to good encouragement.3. Don't TouYi for children, find a lot of confusion and cram tutor. The right way is consulting his


ich drive away your new acquaintances.whatever your social faults may be,look at them honestly and make real effort to correct them. 或许你有些在社交上应该避讳一些缺点,比如势力、饶舌、说脏话等,这些都会妨碍你结交新朋友.无论你有什

How to make friends when many people are asked who is the most important person for them,most of their answers are my parents,my children and so on.But don't forget that there is one kind of pepole who doesn't have direct relationship with you ,

First, to make friends, you must be friendly to others. Smile at others and you are sure to get a smile in return. You should try to make a stranger feel at home wherever he happens to be. Think more of others than of yourself and never judge a person

Dear Jack,Thank you for your last letter asking me about how to make friends with others.I'd like to express my opinion as follows.In choosing a friend,one should be very careful.A good friend can help you study.You can have fun together and make

Everyone needs a friend, because enjoying the friendship is great. When you are alone, you will feel lonely. That can make a person not happy. Then the person will not want to talk with other people. So we shall have a friend.Having a friend is the

交往过程中我们要注意平等和尊重,互助前进才能共赢.朋友给予你的帮助你需要珍惜,所以我们要与朋友和睦相处We pay attention to the equality and respect, in the process of interaction and mutual assistance to win-win progress.Friends will give you the help you need to cherish, so we're going to get along well with your friends

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