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环球教育小编今天和大家分享英语写作中常用的45个万能短语,一起来看.1、on account of… 因为…,由于… 2、account for… 说明…的原因3、on the basis of… 根据…,在…的基础上4、in any case无论如何,总之5、in case of… 假使…,

1.get along well with 和某人相处融洽 I get along well with all my classmates. 2.be interested in 对..感兴趣 John is interested in reading newspapers . 3.be disappointed with 对失望 The teacher was disappointed with his answers. 4.make


你可以从网上自己搜索一下,挺多的.这里仅提供部分参考,望有用! 1.agree with同意……意见;符合;一致 I certainly agree with that. 我当然同意. 2.ask for请求;询问 We ask for the cooperation of all concerned. 我们请求一切有关方面给予

展开全部你可以从网上自己搜索一下,挺多的.这里仅提供部分参考,望有用!1.agree with同意……意见;符合;一致I certainly agree with that. 我当然同意. 2.ask for请求;询问We ask for the cooperation of all concerned. 我们请求一切有关方

1One practical application of AI has been in the area of expert systems . 人工智能的一个实际应用领域是专家系统 2.There was, of course , an immense extension in the area of civilized life . 当然,文明生活的领域有了巨大的扩展. 3.I've noticed that in the area of happiness , people often offer false choices . 我注意到在快乐领域,他们经常提供假选择.


没啥诀窍 多读 多看 多说 多记从单词着手背的单词多了句子就都会懂了俺英语可是3级的

User interface (UI) options should all be set in one location. 用户界面(UI)选项全应该设置到一个位置上. The result of the command should be set in the command before returning from this method. 从此方法返回之前,该命令的结果应该在命令中进行设置.

1. 自从2. 梦想3. 进行一次伟大的自行车之旅4. 说服某人做某事5. 长大成人6. 使某人对……感兴趣7. 从……毕业8. 就是某人做了这件事9. 沿……骑自行车10. 喜欢11. 一直做某事12. 关心/ 喜欢13. 一种坚决的表情14. 改变主意15. 放弃16. He insisted that Mary (should) go with him

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