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免打扰 No disturbing.更多释义>> [网络短语] 免打扰 DND;Do Not Disturb;Don't Disturb 旁路免打扰 No Disturb Bypass 免打扰业务 DND

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要看你怎么用: Excuse me,是用在询问别人时。比如:excuse me, could you please help me?打扰一下,请问您可以帮我一个忙吗? disturb.也是打扰的意思,比如酒店房间外都可以挂上:No disturb,请勿打扰

最近我习惯清净和孤独,喜欢单纯与简单,谢谢免打扰 Recently, I used to clean and lonely, like simple and simple, thank you for free

请看好你的宠物,以免打扰他人休息 Please take care of your pet, so as not to disturb others rest

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excuse me

他让我们保持安静,以免打扰别人 He asked us to keep quiet, so as not to disturb others


不好意思,打扰到你了. 1 Excuse me / Sorry to trouble you (事先说的) 2 Sorry to have troubled you (事後说的)

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