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我正在吃苹果I am eating an apple满意请采纳,谢谢

I am eating apple.

1. I am eating dinner/breakfast/lunchI am eating an apple2. I want to eat somethingI ate an apple

XiaoMing is having an apple.XiaoMing is eating an apple.

我正在房间里吃苹果I'm eating an apple in my room.我正在房间里吃苹果I'm eating an apple in my room.

苹果 [píng guǒ] apple 相关解释: biffin pippin spitzenburg queening malus domestica paradise 例句: 画中的苹果显得多逼真啊! what a realistic looking apple in the picture! 这棵苹果树很少结果. the apple tree is seldom fruitful. 我们准备把多

1. I am eating an apple. 2. I have ate the apples. 3. I have eaten the apples. 4. The apples were eaten by me. 5. The apples were eaten by me just now. 6. Apples have been eaten by me. 7. I am going to eat the apples. 8. The apples will be eaten by me.

我要吃苹果和喝牛奶 i want to eat apples and drink milk 我要吃苹果和喝牛奶 i want to eat apples and drink milk

eat an apple.或者:eat apples.

I like to eat apples I like to eat apples, because the apple is rich in nutrition, diet, has adjuvant therapy function. It is the world's four largest one fruit, I especially like the red apple. Apple dietary fiber content is rich, also contains a lot of pectin, to

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