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您好,可翻译为:I always care about everything of yours no matter what you said is me or not.满意速速速采纳并给好评,谢谢合作!

惠我真的好爱你别离开我好吗 可以写成 Hui good I really love you don't leave me.

i won't let you down,neither will make you feel lonely. please trust me, you must live a happy life, no matter how hard it will be in the future, at least you have my greeting and my love for you. through i may not be the best, i believe that no one can give you the better love than me.

1 eraser橡皮擦2 rubber橡皮擦 这两个都是橡皮擦的意思,不过通常用eraser

HuangXian hole: commonly known as gold hole is a state-level big HongShan scenic resort of core attractions. HuangXian hole facing the northwest, the span of more than 2,000 meters, the hole wall high 100 meters, the width of 70 meters. Hole

China is the world's largest coal production and consumption in the world, but also few to the coal is the main energy in one of the countries, the coal in structure of consumption of our country energy ratio was very high.Among them, most of the coal

1. How long can I borrow? 2 days 2. You have to return on time. Yes I will 3. How do you usually go to school? 4. You often get up? About 6 5. Class time to to to 6. How long they hold a football match? Year 4 times / regular / one week 2 times / day 7.

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中文翻译为:It is very relaxing.这是非常放松的.例句:1、It is very relaxing and it calms me down after a tough game.在一场恶战之后,弹弹唱唱是很好的放松.2、It is very resting, it is very relaxing.这样会让你非常地安静,非常地放松.

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