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When the whole exercise

Have you ever been ill? When you are ill,you must be unhappy because your body becomes hot,and there are pains all over your body. You don't want to work,you stay in bed,feeling very sad. What makes us ill? It is germs(细菌). Germs are

Man's life is a process of growing up, actually I'm standing here is a growth. If a person's life must constituted by various choices, then I grow up along with these choices. Once I hope I can study in a college in future, however that's passed, as

My School life My name is Beth. I\'m 14 years old, and I study in No. 1 Middle School of Hui\'an. My school is very big and beautiful. I\'m very happy in the school. I usually get up at 6:15 in the morning. then I do morning exercises in the

亲爱的先生,我对你的公司有兴趣.我觉得我有能力做好这工作,我有足够的经验.也希望贵公司给我这个机会.Dear Sir, I am interested in your company. I think I have the ability to do this work, I have enough experience. Also hope that your


Now I'd like to talk to you about your final exam. The exam will be held next Thursday, the last day of the exam week. Remember to bring two of three pens in case you run out of ink. And unlike the midterm exam, this test will not include

Last week, my friend asked me to go to visit his hometown with him. I felt so excited and wanted to have a look at the scenery. My parents allowed and I planned to play for a week. I felt so free to leave home and could do what I wanted. I picked up the

Habits,whether good or bad,are gradually formed.When a person does a certain thing again and again,he'll be obliged to do it in the same way by some unseen force.Thus habit is formed.Once a habit is formed,it is difficult and sometimes almost

Nowadays study all throughout your life has become more and more important. We know that there are a lot of ways to learn after school. We may enlist different kinds of classes to broden our vision, we may go abroad to appreciate the different

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