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用BE FonD oF简单造句

i am fond of playing basketball i care about your health

I will be fond of you.

i am fond of icecream.我喜欢吃冰欺凌

be fond of 爱好; 喜欢 句子:The family, who are fond of music, go to the concert once a month.再说一个:Most old people are fond of recounting the experiences of the early days.care about 关心 句子:The only thing he seems to care about is money.再来一个:Some people care about wearing the latest fashion but I don't 希望能帮到你.

I am fond of walking the dog.我喜欢遛狗第一时间为你解答,敬请采纳,如对本题还有疑问可追问,Good luck!

I am fond of eating apples. 对了就采纳吧

I am fond of learning English.I am crazy about learning English.

be fond of 喜欢 I am fond of music be useful for 对有用处 The books is usrful for children

he is fond of playing basketball.

I am fond of music.Children are fond of skipping.She is passionately fond of tennis.be interesting doing sth 应该不是 interesting,应该是 be interested in doing sth I′m not interested in music. I′m not interested in reading books.

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