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用Fight on造句

1. Let us go on to the next item on the agenda.让我们继续讨论议程上的下一个项目.2. She hesitated for a moment, and then went on.她迟疑了一下,然后接着说.3. Go on this street till you see the cinema.沿街往前走直到你看见电影院.4. Are

go on 的两个用法1.After he finshed his math homework ,he went on to finsh his science homework.表示接着去做某事(不是同一件事)2.Mother often goes on doing housework after lunch.表示继续做某事(同一件事) 望采纳

fight one's way past杀出重围 fight one's way through杀出一条路

fight on英 [fait n] 美 [fat n] 在…作战;在(某方面)反对(某人) 1. 在…作战 We shall fight on the beaches. 我们将在海滩作战. 2. 在(某方面)反对(某人) I'll fight you on that question. 在那个问题上我不同意你的看法. 1.Speaking

fight on继续战斗(斗争)fight one's battle over againv.回忆经历过的fight for him为他奋斗

fight on意思是在…作战;在(某方面)反对(某人) 英 [fait n] 美 [fat n] fight:英 [fat] 美 [fat] vt.& vi.战斗;斗争;打架;吵架 n.战斗;打架;吵架;斗志 一、在…作战1、Troops trained to fight on horseback. 受训练在马背上作战的部队

Hey, don't stop. Go on with the story. I am so interested.

goinst是啥?打错了吧 再看看别人怎么说的.

I will go on study.我将会继续学习.

1. 拜访 I shall call on you next week. 我下星期去看你. 2. 号召;请求 You'd better call on your friends to help you. 你最好请朋友来帮你.

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