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forget doing sth忘记做过某事I"ll never forget finding that rare old coin in my gardon.Mary will never forget seeing the exciting film.I forgot writing to him,so I wrote again.He forgot turning the lig

I forgoting closing the window!

forget to do 忘记要去做某事.(未做) forget doing 忘记做过某事.(已做) The light in the office is stil on.He forgot to turn it off.办公室的灯还在亮着,它忘记关了.(没有做关灯的动作) He forgot turning the l

1.Mr Smith is strict in teaching.2.Remember to come to my office after class..3.He remembered telling you the truth.4.Don't forget to hand in your homework after class.

forget doing sth 忘记曾经做过某事 造句 I forget locking the door.我忘记已经锁过门了.

forget doing sth忘记做过某事.“我做了一个梦但是我忘记了”如果是指梦的内容,则不可以;如果是忘记了做梦这回事,那可以用

forget to do是忘记要做某事,forget doing是忘记做过某事.I forgot to call Mary.我忘了给Mary打电话. The old man forgot turning the light off. 老人忘记已经关了灯了.remember to do是记得要做某事, remember doing是记得做过某事.Please

Please remember to eat lunch. I am sorry,I forget to my homework.I remember playing computer with my sister yesterday.I forget calling you.

forget doing造句:And America will never forget the ones who have fallen men and women last seen doing their duty, whose names we will honor forever. 美国将永远不会忘记那些以身殉职的男女将士,我们将永远铭记他们 解析:造句,动词词语,是指用词语组织句子.今亦以指初等学校语文练习内容之一.词目:造句 基本:[sentence-making] 引证解释: 把词组织成句子.今亦以指初等学校语文练习内容之一

forget to do sth 忘记去做某事.还没做. forget doing sth 忘记作某事,做过了.忘记了.

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