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1. trees begin to have leaves in spring. 春天,树木开始长叶子了.2. this plant has green leaves throughout the year. 这种植物终年常青.3. i saw him take a leaf out of the book. 我看见他从书上撕下一页.4. not a leaf nor an insect stirred. 不单是树

They're gonna get through this. 他们会和好的. Did you get through your examination? 你通过考试了吗? How did you get through this? 你是怎么过来的?(度过难关,摆脱困扰等) I think you will get through. 我想你是能通过的. Can I get

At least Alice and I will never have to suffer through another Cleveland winter.至少我和爱丽丝不用再忍受克利夫兰的寒冬了.But it looks like we're gonna have to suffer through this together. 但看起来我们将要共体时艰了.I'm sure a number of you

I see him through the window.

The customs officer carefully looked through my parcel,without discovering anything profound ,he let me leave in a hurry.

and flow through me 和我融合在一起;然后将我融合;完全包容了我例句筛选1.it is when you accept me in your hearts that my energy can flow intoyou and out through you here on earth.只有当你们在心中接受我时,我的能量才能在地球上流进和流出你.2.take me in your arms and flow through me .你将我拥入怀中完全包容了我.

Though he is rich, his life is not happy.他虽然很有钱,但生活并不幸福.It was a hard job, he took it though. 这是份苦差事,可他还是接受了.Though it was raining,we went there. 虽然下着雨,但我们还是去了那儿.Though it was barely four o'

During the gun fight, a bullet penetrates (through) his (body).枪战中,一颗子弹穿透他的身体..

leaf through英[li:f θru:]美[lif θru]词典翻看; 迅速翻阅网络浏览; 翻阅; 快速翻阅双语例句 You leaf through the hangers in your closet in search of something that might suggest competence, professionalism, a sense of purpose.你翻看你衣橱里衣架上的东西,搜索可能暗示你有能力,有敬业精神,有使命感的服装.

1.break through 突破;突围 Some members of the crowd managed to break through the police barrier.人群中有些人设法冲破了警方的屏障. 2.break through 突然出现 The day started off cloudy,but later the sun broke through.天一开始阴阴的,但后来太阳钻了出来.

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