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Last month when I visited in the Huang Mountain scenery area,I found that some visitors threw rubbish.I think that those behaviors will cause very bad influence. It can pollute the environment of scenery area,but also make troubles in the work of

"随手扔垃圾"用动词 litter 表示:Several years ago, people litter in scenic spots.

你的翻译是中式英语,无语感的语言翻译常有这种预料得到的结果,另外,单词 litter 已经有“乱丢垃圾”的含义,因此 randomly 是冗余的,同样地,contaminating 意味着 badly, 因此没有加 badly 的必要.下面我把你要表达的意思以比较地道、简洁的说法翻译给你看:Tourists who litter at scenic sites often do it out of convenience, without any thought that they are contaminating the environment.我是加拿大人,前英语老师.

some visitors throw litter away.

保护环境人人有责 刻不容缓

不要扔垃圾No litteringDon't litterDo not throw rubbish everywhere


Now more and more people travel. To give more people a good tourist environment, protect the environment now, now advocating cultural tourism, eco-tourism.You should do the following. 1, protect the environment, do not litter, do not doodle. 2, to

Our school Eglish club will set up a volunteer group. The group will volunteer in the People Park on weekends. We can guide way for the tourists and introduce the park. We also remind the tourists not to drop litter. Welcome to be a volunteer. E-mail:

If we have 23 million people in Australia,water or air,can harm humans or the environment,miscellaneous (5%) and the last one is aluminium (2%),paper product (15%).That's a really huge number.And then I want to tell them about which strategies

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