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At All Costs

很高兴为你解答!at all costs:不惜任何代价; 不惜工本 at any costs :不惜任何代价at all costs=at any costs希望能帮到你,望采纳.

at any cost: no matter what the price, regardless of the cost.无论如何; 不惜代价at all costs: at any price, come what may 不惜任何代价; 无论如何 实际上没什么去别.就是用的是any 和all 有去别,一种强调.

二者意思相同,都是无论如何;不计任何代价的意思,只是前者形式是是复数,后者是单数at any cost,不是costs .楼上忽略了

at all costs 副词 无论如何,不惜任何代价 at all events副词 无论如何 at any rate 副词 译为 无论如何 至少意思知道就够了,他们不会同时出现望采纳!

1. at all costs 不惜一切代价,无论如何例:He is determined to win at all costs. 他决心要不惜一切代价取得胜利.2. at (great) length 长时间地;详细地例:They discussed this problem at great length.他们非常详细地讨论了这个问题.3. at all events 不管怎样,反正例:At all events, we have done our best. 无论如何,我们已经尽力了.4. at leisure 空闲;从容例:Are you at leisure right now? 你现在有空吗?

at all events: used to emphasize or show that sth is true or will happen in spite of other circumstances 强调事实的真实性;在其他任何环境下也是真实的(横向) at any rate: use to say that a particular fact is true in spite of what happened in the past


花费所有 引申为不惜一切代价

at all costs的无论如何意思更倾向于不惜一切代价至于后面两个似乎并没有什么差别

win at all costs 不惜一切代价获取成功win at all costs 不惜一切代价获取成功

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