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At onCE同时的例句

Kids often go to school at the age of 5. I saw a man with an umbrella over there . What;s wrong with you ? I have a cold(fever). May I speak to Mike ? Wait a minute. Do it at once! 孩子们通常5岁的时候入学 我看见那有个拿伞的男人 你怎么啦?我感冒(发烧)了 我可以和麦克说话吗?请等会 现在就做

Everything happened at once. The view of the skyline is at once awesome, grand, and disappointing.所有的事都一起发生了.天边立刻呈现出令人敬畏的、壮丽的和令人沮丧的景色 Leave the room at once.马上离开这个房间

I will go to turn off the lights at once 我立即去关灯 I will finish my homework at once 我立即去完成作业

at once 在句子中的位置1.意思是very soon;immediately(立刻)时放在句末.例如:*the telegram must be sent at once.电报必须立即发出.*i recognized him at once.我立刻就认出了他.2.意思是both;equally(同样;兼)时放在句中.例如:*he

adv. 立即;一起;同时;立刻 [例句]several things happened at once. 几件事情同时发生. i desire you to go at once. 我请求你现在马上就走.

Nobody can do two things well ----- A.at once B.at one time 答案选A.因为at once是“同时,立刻”的意思,而at one time是“同时,曾经”的意思.细微的差别在于前者指“时刻”的同时,后者指“曾经,过去”的同时.

at once 英 [t wns] 美 [t wns] adv.立即; 一起; 同时; 立刻 立即; 立刻; 马上; 即刻 1. There was absolute mayhem when everyone tried to get out at once. 众人蜂拥而出,造成了极大的混乱. 来自《权威词典》 2. How dare you?Take

答案是:The car turned left all at once 小车突然转向左边 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳


1I went to europe once.我去过一次欧洲.2I saw a film once.我曾看过一部电影.3I saw a documentary on prison once.我曾经在监狱看过一部纪录片.4To love two women at once?同时爱着两个女人?5You call him once we're done.我们说完之后你打给他.

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