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the world goes really fast.in the future,people will live in a better and more convenient life.for example,there must be a lot of rebort to help people work or even with your housework.so that,you can just do what you like.and for that time,you need not to

The Life In The Future In the future,maybe many things will change.For example,the computers will be used over the world.The people cannot live without the computers.And the people needn't go out for shopping.The computers instead of the

展开全部90个字,是不是多了?自己删一下吧. My Dreams for my Future What is my plan for my future? It has been a question puzzling myself as yet. The reason is that I have a lot of dreams about my future. I have once dreamed to be an

In the future,my living place--PuKo will have many differences.There will be lots of people and traffics. So,I think there will be more pollution and the weather will be hotter than today's.There will be many schools too.And probably everyone will have

In the future I think it"ll have great change in the future, many wonderful things may come ture in the future.Future means a time that not yet here. It kan be a short time from now or a long time from now.So,follow me! City will have the great chenge in

my future life nowadays,more and more people in the world want to talk about the future.i also have many dreams about my future life.my future life will be a mordern.there will have many birds and trees,and i may become the person who know a lot.如今,世界上越来越多的人想要谈论他们的未来.关于我的未来生活,我也有许多梦想.我未来的生活将会是现代的,我可能会变成一个懂得好多的人.

你作文题目是不是有问题?给你几篇作为参考吧.还是建议自己多学学人家 怎么写,怎么组织语句和段落结构,你每次找人帮写没有什么提高的.1、未来生活(Life in the future) People will be become more and more richer in the future.

成长,难免有泪水,但也有欢笑,成长让我们喜怒交加.在成长过程中我们会慢慢懂得深刻的道理,让自己从而长大. 人总会长大,虽然会发愁,但长大也需要烦恼.青春

life in the future with the economic and scientific develpment, our life in future will surely becomes more and more comfortable. in the future, more machines will appear, and people will work at home since robots(机器人)will do most of the work

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