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bye bye bye 歌手:By2 专辑:Twins 词:王雅君 曲:李志源 歌词:天气好 天气坏 天色空白 开着车 我应该 往哪走 要左转 要右弯 还是退后 这一路 我们曾拥有 黄灯 你带我闯过 红灯 勾勾小手 而现在只剩我 倒数计时一秒钟 Bye Bye Bye 让你走吧

[ti:Bye Bye Bye] [ar:(中韩对照)] [al:7 Hwayobi] [00:01.50]Bye Bye Bye - (花耀飞)(中韩对照) [00:06.89]7 Hwayobi [00:09.61] [00:11.50]2010.05.29 [00:12.72] /怎么办 我只爱着你



I'm doing this tonight 我今晚一直摩拳擦掌 You're probably gonna start a fight 你可能要引起一场战争 I know this can't be right 我知道这可能不对 Hey baby come on 嘿 宝贝儿 来吧 I loved you endlessly 我曾对你死心塌地 When you weren't there for

lovestoned--bye bye bye when i see you 当我看到你 looking back at me 回首看我时 watching this eye still 依然注视这双眼眸 do your fingers 你的手指 and your eyes 你的眼睛 have told thousands lights 应经告诉我千道光芒 but i cant tell this time 但

when i see you 当我凝望你 looking back at me 你也回首看我 watching this eye still 彼此凝视 do your fingers 你是否感到我的爱 and your eyes have told thousands lights 在你的眼眸中有无数道光芒 but i cant tell this time what you really meant 但是此


mariah carey的 Bye-ByeThis is for my peoples who just lost somebody 这首歌献给刚刚失去近人的朋友 Your best friend your baby 你最好的朋友 你的孩子 Your man or your lady 你的男人或是你的女人 Put your hand way up high 高高举起你的双

will I see you 我是否能看到 looking back at me 你在我睡觉时 watching as I sleep透过手指间 through your fingers看着我 and your eyes你的眼睛 have told a thousand lies已经撒了无数次的谎 but I can tell this time但这次我能看出来 that you really

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