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1. dog 英 [dg] 美 [d] n. 狗;丑女人;卑鄙的人;(俚)朋友 vt. 跟踪;尾随2. dog 的复数形式是dogs



1. dogs 2. puppies 3. lions 4. babies 5. cats 6. piglets 7. horses 8. calves 9. geese 10. joeys 11. ducklings 12. hens 13. mice 14. children 15. knives

are those any dogs?

They are dogs祝你进步,有不会的可以再问我哦

guns, gas, cups, dogs, dishes, classes, buses, plays, toys, holidays, tomatoes, potatoes, zoos, radios halves, leaves, wives, knives, teeth, men, englishmen, germans,frenchmen, sheep, chinese, japanese police, news, mice, trousers, ladywriters, tooth-brushes, man teachers, woman doctors, mother-in-laws

the dog是单数 复数形式the dogs 请采纳支持

l like this dog.(改为复数形式)l like these dogs希望采纳,你的支持是我们的动力!

Are the dogs yours?Yes,they are.no,they aren't.ls the dog yours?Yes,it is.no,it isn't.

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