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The extinction of dinosaurs The mystery of dinosaur extinction More than 200,000,000 years ago in the Mesozoic, a large number of reptiles living on land, it is also known as the Mesozoic "era of reptiles," the earth was the first to occupy a wide

请参考:http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/diapsids/extinction.html http://web.ukonline.co.uk/a.buckley/dino.htm http://www.zoomdinosaurs.com/subjects/dinosaurs/ (进去后,点击左边的 Extinction 链接) http://www.search.eb.com/dinosaurs/dinosaurs/study/act03.htm http://astro.ysc.go.jp/ysc/story/pla0404-e.html

With regard to the reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs, it is still being studied. For a long time, the most authoritative view, and the extinction of the dinosaurs 6500 years ago about a large meteorite. According to the study, there was a 7-10 km in

Dinosaurs ExtinctionNon-avian dinosaurs suddenly became extinct approximately 65 million years ago. Many other groups of animals also became extinct at this time, including ammonites (nautilus-like mollusks), mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, pterosaurs

the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs

the dinosuar the dinosaurs is one of the kind of animal lives successfully.the dinosaurs was the kind of animal rule the global longest time. the less of them was eating.by the end of,dinosaurs had been disappear to the global in the noany ways,

Why the sudden extinction of dinosaurs? This is still a mystery.恐龙为什么会突然灭绝?这仍然是个谜.这样蝎会更好

Dinosaurs lived about 200000000 to 35000000 years to 65000000 years ago, a kind of animal after limbsupporting the body upright, dominate the global terrestrial ecosystem of more than 100000000 6 ten million years.Most of the dinosaurs have

No one has yet been able to make a convincing explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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