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1. smoking damages your lung and long time smoking can cause cancer, which can be spread to any part of your body. 2. the most important thing in my daily life is to sleep well and eat well, because i have grown up, i am learning to take care of


How to live a healthy lifeEvery one dreams to live happily.But different peoples have different opinions about happiness.How to live a happy life?It's the same to everyboday.First,you need to eat a balanced diet and do exercises more than three times

How to lead a healthy lifestylenowdays most people don't hvae a healthy lifestyle What is a healthy lifestyle? One may ask. A healthy lifestyle is having a lifestyle filled with good and positi

live 的一个词组是:live a **** life(过着的生活) “most people are living healthier,longer lives.”多数人的生活都更健康,长寿. healther和longer都是形容词.

How to live a happy and healthy life? Nowadays, people become more and more aware of the importance of a happy and healthy lifestyle. But there are still so many people who do not exactly know how to make their life better. And now, I'll show

it's easy to have a healthy life style.

how to live a healthy life? Nowadays more and more people start to see the importance of a healthy life. Here are some suggestions about how to live healthier. First is to eat healthy. Vegetables and fruits are aboundant of vitamins and are very

可以讲的有很多,比如”love“(大学生恋爱问题),“special gift”,当下流行的美剧,一部电影,“smile","the strangest job top 10",(ppt每种附上图片效果更佳,可以加一段泰勒的英文歌当背景音乐)…… 希望有所帮助

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