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kindness 英 ['kandns] 美 ['kandns] n.仁慈;好意;友好的行为 造句:1. her motherly kindness attaches us all to her.她像母亲一般仁慈,我们大家都很依恋她.2. love is patience, and contains kindness.爱情是耐性,而且包含仁慈.3. your kindness quite overwhelmed me.你的好意使我感激难言.4. kindness always begets kindness.

意思:n. 仁慈;好意;友好的行为 造句:1. Her most essential quality is kindness. 她最主要的品质是善良.2. She got nothing in reward for her kindness. 对她的好意,她没有得到任何报酬.3. What shall we give this Princess to reward her for her kindness? 我们应当给这位公主什么东西来报答她的仁慈呢?

用"kindness”造句 初一水平.I won't forget her kindness in that day.我不会忘记那天她对我的好(帮助).

Thank you for your kindness.谢谢你的善良、帮忙

kindness [英][kandns][美][kandns] n.仁慈,善行; 友好的行为; 复数:kindnesses Love and kindness is a way of living.爱心和善良是一种生活方式.She will never forget your thoughtfulness and kindness.她不会忘记你的周到和友善.

God desires that all of us treat everyone with kindness.上帝希望我们所有人都能对别人友好仁慈

He is a man of kindness.精锐教育南方商城校区

Thank you for your kindness

Her parents are both dead. She feels verylonely. 她父母双亡,感到很孤独.Please clean the classroom before two. 两点前打扫教室.Thanks for your kindness. 谢谢您的好意.

Her motherly kindness attaches us all to her.她像母亲一般仁慈,我们大家都很依恋她.Your kindness quite overwhelmed me.你的好意使我感激难言.

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