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website----只是强调“网站”,“网址”.而site的定义就更广了,可以指任何地方,including "websites".(这只是我的理解)

In view of "robot than mankind want clever, even in one day in the future can exceed or control human" this view, some English website launched big please

不是什么组织 mit alpha rho chi medal 麻省理工学院 阿尔法罗池奖章

美亚客服说的:the problem you're encountering on your visits to our website may be related to bookmarks that your browser is generating after using one of our search tools.Search results lists generated by such forms are unique and can't be

答案:1.B;2.A;3.C;4.B;5.B;提示:(1) 细节理解题.A,C和D均与文意相符,B与第一段第二句相悖.家务杂事不如装配线上的事务那样有预见性和重复性,家用机器人

(B) The robot wears a suit. (C) The robot is working on a machine. (D) They make the same pose. A. website up as soon as possible. Our designers are working overtime, so we need outside help with

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