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ever since then i have found that.从此之后,我已发现那件事.

I've known him ever since he was a boy , he then became one of my best friend. 从他孩提时代起我就已认识他, 言后他成为了我的好朋友.

since then意为 "从那时以来",通常与动词的现在完成时连用,指从过去某一时刻起到现在为止的一段时间.例如:She has lived here since then. 从那时以来,她就一直住在这儿.

since造句:1、In the dozen years since the publication of the first edition of this book, software and interactive products have certainly improved. 本书的第1版问世以来,12年间,软件和交互产品的确有所进步 2、Texture is seldom useful for

1、Emma went to work in New York a year ago, and we haven't seen her since. 埃玛一年前去纽约工作了,自从那时起我们就没有见过她.2、He started working for the company when he left school, and has been there ever since . 他毕业后就开

是的,你说的很正确,与since then连用用现在完成时态,表示的是自从她七岁上台直到现在一直想成为一名演员

I have never seen her again since then.please keep in touch with me.I usually do this job in the daytime.Keep the children off from the fire.She is doing her homework,at the same time she is listening to the music.

与现在完成时连用 从那时起到现在

since then加一个一般过去式的句子,正确


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