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suFFEr through的用法

go through是经历,用于经历什么事.suffur from是遭受,一般用在遭受疾病苦难.suffur就是受到、遇到、遭到,后面接sth.,但不接疾病一类的

At least Alice and I will never have to suffer through another Cleveland winter.至少我和爱丽丝不用再忍受克利夫兰的寒冬了.But it looks like we're gonna have to suffer through this together. 但看起来我们将要共体时艰了.I'm sure a number of you

二者均有”遭受(痛苦和一些不愉快的事情)“的意思,但是suffer 常和from连用;另外,undergo 还有”承担,接受“之意 eg:When I was young ,I suffered from/underwent hunger a lot.The ship successfully underwent sea trials in coastal waters.

后面直接跟名词就可以了.eg ,go through his pockets / go through the details / go through the two world wars /go through a crisis/misery/a divorcesuffer from lack of water / ill health/a bad headache

你好!suffer from 因 而蒙受损害go through 遭受前面一个只表示遭受了苦难,后面还加遭受原因,不说明苦难是否已经完结;后面的表示已经经历过了,满意就请采纳.记得给问豆啊!

experience [ik'spirins] n. 经验;经历;体验vt. 经验;经历;体验[ 过去式experienced 过去分词experienced 现在分词experiencing ] experience in 有经验;有…的经验 working experience 工作经验;工作经历 work experience 工作经验 rich

原发布者:12317周 suffer与sufferfrom的用法区别suffer指一般的损害、痛苦等等,但sufferfrom指长期的或习惯性的痛苦或困难. suffervi.受痛苦;受损害 vt.遭受;忍受 suffertheresult/heavylosses/injuries承受结果/遭受大损失/负伤

1. suffering from an undiagnosed mental disorder. 患有不知原因的精神失常的病. 2. He's suffering from severe mental disorder. 他患有严重的精神病. 3. Several countries have already passed laws banning disciplinary action that inflicts mental

使 遭受

neglect I.noun ADJECTIVE general,total | relative | benign The 18th-century interior | parental children who are victims of deliberate parental VERB + NEGLECT suffer,

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