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My healthy life It is very important to take exercise to keep healthy . In order to build a strong body , I get up early every morning and never sleep late . I often go out to see the sun rise and run around our house . After that I will drink a box of milk and

The happiest life I am spending a very happpy life at school,We do many things we like,We are free now.Only if we make enough efforts on the right thing for us.We are pleased.

To other people, the happiest thing in their lifemight be eating, sleeping, and many other things. To me the happiest thing inmy life is reading. Reading can be enjoyable and I find peace well I am reading because I will be drawn to the story in the

the happiest life为题,根据以下的内容提出和你的实际学校生活,写一篇短文来描述一下你心目中最幸福的生活. 内容包括: 1.你现在生活中的快乐和烦恼是什么? 2.你追求的最快乐.最幸福的生活是什么样子的? 3.你会为此作出怎样的努力? 词数要求100个左右.

the future life in 20 yearsin 20 years,every home will have a robot.it can help us do lots of things.we will have more time to study and have fun.sometimes we will visit the underwater world.we might even fly the rocket to the moon on vacation.in addition

The happiest day iam ten years old today , i'm very happy today .but it is not the reason indeed . when i went to school this morning , i helped a old woman passing road . and then , when i got to class , my teacher told me , i got an " A" at the test

last saturday is my birthday.i invited all my friends to my home for a party. my mother made a lot of delicious food for us.we played games,we sang and danced until midnight.we all had a good time.i received many presents too.my parents bought a

What is happiness? Different people have different understandings. When I was just a little girl, I though happiness was to marry sb, because I though bride was the most beautiful woman of the world and she was the happiest when she got marry sb.


Failure is a common thing in our daily life. As students, we sometimes fail to get high scores in our exams. When we play games, we might be beaten by others. And there are times when we fail to do work well. All these failures happen naturally and

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