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whAt is in it答语

用it is a/an 回答!一般用这个会比较好,其它的回答也可以.

it was an apple 纯手打 请尽快采纳 谢谢 祝好运

应该是 what are there in it,它里面有什么,回答 there are什么东西

what is in it 它里面是什么 双语对照 例句:1.What is in it for you? 你有什么好处?2.Wait. I don't understand. What is in it? 等下我不明白这里面是什么?3.She reports the ubiquity now of cheap and cheerful "bubble" in north-west england: noone knows just what is in it and no one much cares. 她提到,目前在英格兰西北部很多人都在用这种便宜又很爽的“泡泡”:没人知道里面的成分,也没人关心.

it is this is 是 你向别人说时或别人向你介绍什么 时用的吧

应该说It is ..(it是一个代词,代指一个东西,回答问题是你就说明它代指的那个东西是什么就可以了)

It's ..

How is it going的常用答语有:I'm good, thanks. / I'm doing good. / Pretty good. /It's going well./Fine./ Not bad.拓展资料 How is it going的用法 How is it going是英语中常用的一句语言,表示问候对方.和中国人问“您吃了吗?最近过得怎么样?”

s my father:yes? b 2:he':who':who',he is? c a;s your chinese teacher.d

你可以回答:A bed , a desk , a chair and some other things.满意请及时采纳,谢谢

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